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My skin type

ginger from girls aloud

Skin Type 1

Extremely sensitive to sun.

Always burns never tans.

Very fair skin with red or blonde hair and freckles,blue or green eyes.

Only a light to medium tan will suit this skin type.

Recommended DHA 6%

  • Good for brides
  • Ideal shade for Asian skin to even skin tone.
cameron diaz

Skin Type 2

Very sensitive to sun.

Blue or Green eyes.

Fair skinned,burns easily.

Tans minimally over 6/7 days

Will get a better tan with Sienna X than any achieved in the sun.

Recommended DHA 8%

cheryl cole cheryl

Skin Type 3

Sensitive to sun.

Burns moderately but tans gradually to a light brown.

Medium to olive skin colour.

Blue,green or brown eyes.

Tans in 4/5 days

Recommended DHA 8% or 10% if you have a tan.

jennifer aniston

Skin Type 4

Minimally sensitive to sun.

Burns rarely.

Always tans well to a dark brown.

Brown or Green eyes.

White skin with medium pigmentation.

Recommended DHA 8% 10% or 12%

j lo jenifer lopez

Skin Type 5

Not sensitive to sun.

Never burns.

Tans to a very dark brown.

Brown eyes.

Medium to heavy pigmentation.

Recommended DHA 10%,12% or 16%

beyonce queeen b

Skin Type 6

Insensitive to sun.

Never burns.

Tans quickly to a very dark brown.

Brown eyes.

Very heavy pigmentation

Recommended DHA 10%,12% or 16%

tonight the night sienna x

Tonights The Night Express Tan Solution-all skin types

For light to medium skin tones leave on at least 2 hours.

For medium to olive skin tomes leave on between 2 to 4 hours.

dark skin tan black asian